Borromean Islands

The Borromean Islands are the main attraction of Lake Maggiore, known to artists, writers and Emperors such as Stendhal, Hemingway, Napoleon and Queen Victoria. Today these islands are the top choice for VIP weddings and hundreds of thousands of visitors decide to spend their holidays here. 



You can admire the islands from Casa Rampolina and reach them by ferry or private motorboats. 

Isola Madre

Isola Madre is one of the most beautiful islands in the Borromean Gulf. Owned by the historic family that gave birth to San Carlo, Isola Madre is a magical garden island, complete with white peacocks strolling the grounds, walls of azaleas, and enormous camellia trees. The historic building hosts a collections of dolls and local Chinas. 

Isola Bella

This beautiful island takes its name from the young countess to whom it was dedicated, Isabella d’Adda. The main attraction of the island is Palazzo Borromeo with its exceptional collection of art and tapestries. You can also admire the baroque amphitheatre and ten terraces combining rare plant species and mythological statues, including Eros riding a unicorn (the symbol of the Borromeo family).

Isola Superiore or “Fishermen’s Isand”

This island, located at short distance from Isola Bella, takes its name from the families of professional fishermen of Lake Maggiore who still live on this picturesque island.


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Botanical Gardens of Villa Taranto

Referred to by some publications as “the most beautiful gardens in the world”, the botanical gardens of Villa Taranto in Verbania are not to be missed by those who love nature. Villa Taranto stands on the promontory of the Borromean Gulf, known as Castagnola, and is clearly visible from Casa Rampolina on the opposite shore of Lake Maggiore. 

The gardens of Villa Taranto can be reached in about 20 minutes by car from Casa Rampolina following the coast road from Baveno towards Verbania. The park, open from mid-March to early November, is home to over three thousand specimens of plants from all over the world, terraces, ponds and large lawns overlooking the lake. In April, on the occasion of Tulip Week, visitors can admire tens of thousands of blooming flowers. 

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Villa Pallavicino

Villa Pallavicino is a nineteenth-century mansion located along the coast, shortly after the town of Stresa in the direction of Belgirate.

From spring to autumn, it allows you to discover an enchanted place with exotic animals living among ancient trees, exotic plants, ponds and fountains.

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From Mottarone to Lake Maggiore

Admire the panorama of seven lakes and the white peaks of Monte Rosa and the Valais Alps from the top of Mottarone, the mountain that hosts Casa Rampolina. You can reach the top by motorbike or bike and enjoy a breathtaking view.

Lake itinerary experience

A fascinating itinerary to travel by bicycle leads from Feriolo di Baveno, on the Borromean Gulf, to Mergozzo, a small village at the gates of the Ossola Valley which is reflected in one of the cleanest lakes in Europe. In about 3 hours you can complete the itinerary around Monte Orfano and return to Feriolo. Cycle along the banks of the Toce river and through the Fondo Toce nature reserve.

The natural reserve hosts a number of birds, fish, reptiles and small mammals. In spring you can also admire azalea, camellia and rhododendron crops blooming. The route from Feriolo to Casa Rampolina is almost entirely uphill, therefore practicable with experienced cyclists or on e-bikes.


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